Don’t Be Sorry!

Certain conventions and trends in today’s culture have led a lot of people to feel insecure about their bodies or embarrassed by their emotions. This has resulted in a lot of people feeling like they need to apologize to the people who work with these things, which means piercers hear a lot of apologies from their clients, and they are almost always unnecessary. So, let’s talk about a few of the things you don’t need to apologize to your piercer for…

Asking questions

It’s totally normal to have questions! It’s not your responsibility to know everything about piercings and jewelry, but it is your piercer’s responsibility to have the answers to any questions you might have so that you go into your piercing feeling confident and prepared. Most piercers are also more than happy to share information and knowledge – it’s fun!

Being nervous or having anxiety

It’s also perfectly normal to be nervous. Getting a new piercing is both exciting and a little scary. Don’t feel bad about getting nervous or stressed out. Your piercer will work with you and make sure you stay calm and get through the piercing.

Being indecisive

There are so many piercings to choose from, and then once you decide on a piercing, you have to choose jewelry. It can be really overwhelming. Don’t worry about taking your time to make these decisions. It’s your body, and it’s your piercing. You should take your time and make sure you’re going to be happy with your choices. Your piercer will help guide you and offer recommendations wherever possible.

Changing your mind

In the same vein, don’t feel bad about changing your mind. Whether you want to change the placement of the piercing entirely, move a mark slightly, go with a different piece of jewelry, or not get pierced at all – it’s okay! Nobody will be upset with you for making a different decision for your body.

Feeling faint or passing out

Plenty of clients need a moment to collect themselves during or after a piercing. Feeling light-headed or faint is a fairly normal response to getting pierced. Your health and safety are more important than getting you in and out of the piercing room quickly. Don’t feel like you need to jump up and rush out, and don’t be sorry about having to take a couple of extra minutes for yourself. Your piercer will understand and likely have supplies on hand to help you out if needed (water, juice/Gatorade, glucose, cold packs).

Body hair

Having hair is normal! No matter what you’re getting pierced, please don’t feel like you need to apologize for having hair or not removing your hair. Your piercer does not care at all and won’t even give it a thought.


Your weight has no bearing on your piercings or suitability to get and heal certain piercings. Weight doesn’t make it any more or less difficult to perform a piercing, and you don’t need to gain or lose weight for certain piercings.

Buildup on piercings

Piercings get buildup. They swell, produce fluid, and get crusty. It’s not gross, it’s normal. Sometimes, it can be hard to see every part of your piercing and jewelry and access them for cleaning. Your piercer will have no problem cleaning any residual buildup from around your piercing.

Please understand that this is not an exhaustive list ­– there are plenty of other things that clients apologize for when they don’t need to – but it’s a start, and it does cover the apologies that piercers hear most often. In general, it is safe to assume that you do not need to be sorry about anything to do with your body, the decisions you make for it, or any emotions you experience throughout the process. Your piercer’s job is to help you facilitate those decisions and get you through the piercing, and that’s what’s important to your piercer.

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